Discover the key dates, significant events and Salford people’s stories that played a part in World War One. Our special timeline charts the important dates throughout the period 1913 to 1919.

Click on a year and month to find out what happened when and how the war impacted on Salford and its people.

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  • 28 October 1913
    The National Service League meeting was held in Salford Central Mission Hall, Broadway.

    8 November 1913
    Salford Reporter discussed the issue of unemployment - in 1912, 2,100 people had been unemployed.

    8 November 1913
    Broughton Rangers recorded their first win at their new ground, the Cliff.

    15 November 1913
    The strength of the British Navy is tested and shown to be insufficient at keeping out opposing forces.

    22 November 1913
    Britain's vast expenditure on armaments led one reporter in Salford to write that a continued increase 'could only lead to the annihilation of European Civilisation'.

    22 November 1913
    Salford Council protested the move by Manchester City Council to take over Prestwich.

    6 December 1913
    A meeting was held at Pendleton Town Hall to approve the Salford Battalion of the National Reserve.

    8 December 1913
    A 'mock parliament' was held at Ford Lane, Pendleton, to discuss questions over women's suffrage and the force feeding of women prisoners.

    20 December 1913
    Salford installed the first complete Gamewell system for police, fire, and ambulance telephone calls.

    27 December 1913
    Devonshire Picture House re-opened as the New Devonshire Theatre planning to host live variety shows.