To compliment the '100 Years Ago: Salford at War' exhibition that was on display from 15 March 2014 - 6 March 2016, the museum produced this resource aimed at secondary schools to help further expand the themes in the exhibition.

The resource is designed to be used either in the classroom, or on a self guided visit to the exhibition but will also provide a learning legacy once the exhibition finished in March 2016. Using this pack will help students look at the stories of Salford people caught up in World War One - including an ambulance driver, a nurse, a soldier and a conscientious objector; as well looking at the war memorials and how we remember the war in present day Salford.

The information in the pack is designed to also be used with groups and families interested in exploring the themes of the exhibition.

Download our Learning resources pack

With thanks to The Booth Charities for funding the resource pack.